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Silhouette Bags

These bags make gift wrapping easy and stylish – we plan on using them to hold favors for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party in the fall…

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Paper Yo-Yos

One thing always leads to another. My T-shirt project from a few weeks ago started me thinking about yo-yos. I wondered if it were possible to apply the same technique to paper. I love brown paper bags so, that was my first choice and it turned out to be a successful venture…

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Smooth Talking At The Dinner Table

Love rocks. A recent trip to the beach provided us with these beautiful, worn stones. With the addition of a few vinyl adhesive letters – we created alphabet rocks…

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This Is Not A Magritte

It’s not a shirt – it’s a creative experiment. The famous “ceci n’est pas” works of René Magritte inspired the thinking behind this t-shirt project. I picked up a plain, black shirt at Michael’s for $3.99 and created this simple design – mixing French and English for fun…

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Sock Rocks Rock!

Yesterday’s post put socks on my mind. Using a rock I found at the beach and a lonesome sock from my drawer, I created a paperweight for my desk. You’ll need a smooth rock, a sock, a needle and thread…

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