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Homemade Mummenschanz

For those of you who may not be familiar with it, Mummenschanz is a non-verbal performance art group that became popular the 1970’s. As a child I was absolutely fascinated by Mummenschanz. I became so familiar with them through their TV ads & PBS performances, that I would attempt to recreate their costumes and movements…

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Car Crayons

When it comes to working on projects with children, sometimes the process is just as exciting as the end result. That is definitely the case with this craft. Crayons left to melt in the car take on a great new shape and are reborn as “car crayons”…

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Cupcake Lights Are Sweet

I found great looking cupcake tin liners at IKEA – they reminded me of small pleated lampshades. Within minutes, I created a softer look on a strand of bulbs hanging in my garden…

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Reusing Shower Curtain Magnets? Why Not?

As I was replacing my shower curtain liner, I couldn’t resist repurposing the magnets that were sewn into the hem. With a simple addition of adhesives numbers, I created a set of magnets for my work space…

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A Blank Canvas Is Hard To Resist

This is a great project to work on with an older child ( 8+ years). Camp programs and trips to the pool or the beach will keep this bag in good use this summer…

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