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Water Colored Glass

Some glasses get a few coats of watercolor paint to provide a quick and temporary color change perfect for holding candles…

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Party Favors For Nature Lovers

Whenever we throw a birthday party for our girls, we like to give each of the guests one small gift as a party favor instead of a bag of several small items. If you keep the item around $3-4.00 it ends up costing the same amount in some cases. Here are a few gifts we’ve given in the past…

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“DIY” Wine Bottle Glasses

I dropped off some empty wine bottles at my local glass shop to have them cut in half and the edges ground smooth. They charged me about $3.50 a piece. So happy to have my new set of glassware. I could also use these as vases…

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Blob Lights

If you’ve ever had a group of kids sitting around your dinner table – you know that candles are not a practical or safe option. Try lining your table with these glowing blobs and dim the lights to create a fun and intriguing look that appeals to kids of all ages.

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Card Trick Drink Tags

For game night or anytime you have a big group over – here’s a fun and stylish way to mark drinking glasses. With two simple cuts, vintage playing cards can easily slip onto the stem of a glass…

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