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Paperback Vase

Paperback novels from the 1970’s (picked up for $0.25 each at my library) are finally getting another glance after all these years. I want centerpieces that strike up conversation. In the case of this arrangement, some of the books are so ridiculous I am betting that the jokes will fly at dinner…

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Fabric Drink Markers

Leftover bits of fabric from projects are reused as simple wine glass markers. Collect fabric in various patterns & colors, cut into 4″ – 5″ strips and tie onto wine glass stems…

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Color Splash Centerpiece

Flowers aren’t the only option, you can add interesting color to your table in different ways. Fill sleek glass vases with water and a few drops of food coloring to create a bold, bright look for your table…

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DIY Green Glassware

My kids like it when I put a funky twist on the everyday items we use and I like to keep things interesting – so, this idea was a hit with all of us. Modern milk and cookies – ginger ale bottles are reused as glassware & butter cookies are stacked onto straws…

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Apple Bombs

Acid green Spider Mums are placed in green apple vases for an explosive centerpiece. Arrangements like this are quick, inexpensive and fresh.

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