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Paperback Vase

Paperback novels from the 1970’s (picked up for $0.25 each at my library) are finally getting another glance after all these years. I want centerpieces that strike up conversation. In the case of this arrangement, some of the books are so ridiculous I am betting that the jokes will fly at dinner…

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Spray Painting Dried Hydrangeas

Get the color you want in a flash by spray painting dried flowers…

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Crafting With Gaffers Tape

Here’s a simple vase you can make in minutes and the kids can help. Gaffers tape is a vinyl coated cloth tape – I bought mine at Blick for around $8.00 a roll…

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Opening Up A Can Of Roses

My love of sardines disgusts my daughters, but this they find amusing – a sardine can planter…

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Cooking Up Something Different For A Spring Centerpiece

I love a centerpiece that grabs attention and gets a reaction…

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