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A Shot In The Dark – Planting In Shady Spots

I always have a plant-filled pot outside of my garden gate – but this year I wanted something that really popped – as it’s on the shady, north side of our home. A vibrant flowering annual won’t thrive in this spot – so I chose to get my color fix by planting in a brightly colored vessel and pairing it with a deep hued foliage instead…

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Grapefruit Planter

My daughters love grapefruit – it’s their favorite breakfast. As I was cleaning the morning dishes – I couldn’t toss this leftover skin – the cheerful yellow color and the perfect shape reminded me of brightly colored pottery – which got me thinking…

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Twine Vases

I love the look of spools of twine – I decorate with them often. To make these – I dropped a plastic shot glass into the center of a spool of twine, filled it with water and added short cut flowers…

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For $3.99 A Bunch – Fern Leaves Can Go A Long Way

I love leaves of all types, but I think fern fronds are my favorite. Ferns have an earthy appeal for me – they remind me of walking in the woods, springtime and greenhouses. In the floral section of the supermarket you can always find fern leaves and usually they are priced at under $4.00 a bunch. Here are a few ways you can decorate with these inexpensive beauties…

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Let Your Roots Show

To me, the roots of a plant and the way they twist through soil are pretty enough to show off. Instead of using an opaque container to hold your plant, transfer it to a glass jar or vase and let all of that organic beauty show…

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