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I am addicted to Portlandia, a new comedy series on IFC from Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Here’s one of my favorite clips…

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Quick Tip

I picked up these porcelain milk bottles at Bed Bath & Beyond today. $7.99 for the quart size and $2.99 for the 8 oz. size – what a deal!…

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Kitchen Sink Salon

I get my hands into all sorts of messy projects and I rarely wear gloves. So, when I wash my hands I need a little extra help sometimes. For a quick clean up try washing hands with LAVA soap. Follow up with a few drops of vitamin E-oil…

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Morning View

I love the view from my kitchen window. First thing in the morning, I see a wall of green.

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The Tiny Freaks

When my 5 year old is slightly nervous about something – she says she has “the tiny freaks.” I love this expression – it sounds like a cool band. This morning – she claimed to have a case of “the tiny freaks” when I mentioned a dentist appointment we needed to schedule for her. She wrote it on the chalkboard in our dining room – I had to share it here…

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