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Vintage Pin Wreath

This wreath only works well on a protected front door – rain and cold temperatures will damage the pins. You could also display this indoors…

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Inspiration From Nature

Autumn is the perfect time of year to go on long walks – natural beauty is everywhere. Bring a basket and let your kids fill it with acorns, leaves, twigs – whatever they find appealing. It is a simple way to enjoy time with your child and share a love of nature…

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Rip Off This Skirt Idea

I found this great skirt in a thrift store. I loved the pattern and the fabric, but the length was too long. Making a cut at my desired length, I gently pulled the threads to create a rough fringe along the bottom. In an instant, I had the look I wanted…

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Jewelry displays…

A lesson I learned from my Mother is — jewelry is too pretty to be stored in a drawer when not in use. My favorite pieces are so visually pleasing – I keep them out and enjoy their beauty all around the house.

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