Hello Sign

We usually hang something decorative on our front door, but nothing interesting was coming to mind, so it remained bare for weeks. Just two exposed screws were staring me in the face every time I walked through the door – making me feel pressured to cover them. I wasn’t in the mood for a wreath and I was craving something different so I wired a small sign in place…

Family Chic door decorating ideas

My kids were amused to find this on our door when they returned from school the other day.

Family Chic Blog

It's small, but it's a bit different and my kids like it.

Family Chic Blog

I used thin black wire (found in the jewelry supply section at craft stores) and wood letter tags (a few dollars a bag at Michaels in their wood craft supplies aisle).

Family Chic Blog

Just pull wire through hole in tag, twist wire together and add on another tag.


  1. ana albi moreno  March 27, 2012

    Muy ingenioso, buena idea.

  2. Susan  March 28, 2012

    Cute! So many possibilities in that bag of letters you bought, too!

    • camilla  March 28, 2012

      Hi Susan, You are so right about that – I love working with them! My daughter wants to string one on a chain to wear as a necklace. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Take Care, Camilla

  3. Heather  March 28, 2012

    I really like this, such a simple yet fun idea. Also, I love the lime green color of your door!

  4. Jen W.  April 5, 2012

    I am new to your blog and can’t stop looking! I love it all. It is really getting my creative side the nudge it needs. Also would love to know what color your front door is too! (Among a bunch of other random questions).
    Thanks for a fun blog.