Carving Out Workspace In A Smaller Home

An entertainment armoire is converted into a workspace…

My husband and I bought this entertainment armoire when we were first married. We no longer use it to house our TV, so we converted it into a work station.

The shelves already had openings for cords, so the transition was quite easy. This armoire is now the perfect place to hide the scanner and other necessary work-related supplies.

I painted the interior side of the doors with a few coats of blackboard paint – to add more functionality to the space.

Our daughters' artwork and other eye candy decorate the interior walls and lift my spirits when I engage with this space.

An inexpensive IKEA light now shines some much-needed light from above.

All of these changes helped to make this space less of a drag to visit and less of an eyesore when the doors are open.





  1. catie  May 4, 2012

    resourceful, you are.
    awesome use of space.
    ours still has a fat tv inside, but i’m already sizing it up for this project : )