Unexpected Greenery

Very happy to have started summer vacation. I’ve been adding a little life to our world with a few surprising touches of green here and there. Check out some of my easy ways to add a bit of unexpected plant life to the home…

better bingly

What’s on our table now: a tray filled with candles, succulents and 17th century figurines.

mr bingly 2

We call this guy, “Mr. Bingley”.

wheat grass head

My wheat grass head. I bought this planter on sale at a local flower shop a few years ago. After testing many plants, I’ve found that a simple pot of wheat grass is my favorite companion to this piece. You can grow it yourself; in a few days you’ll see growth (buy the seeds online for the best deal).

strawberry basket

A wire basket is lined with burlap and filled with a strawberry plant. It hangs on our mailbox, right outside our front door.

cu strawberry basket

My daughter picked this one out.