Fake Spring Centerpiece

For those moments when you want to bring the look of spring to your table and fast…

family chic

Drop some plastic fish tank grass into a small vessel, surround with ground coffee beans and you've got a spring look that tricks the eye.

Family Chic

The real thing is always better – but sometimes you have to fake it.

Family Chic Fake Spring Centerpiece

You can use these as place card holders too.

Family Chic

I bought a package of 6 plastic fish tank grass plants at PetCo for about $3.50 (see link at the end of this post).

Family Chic

I refuse to let reality shatter my fantasy.

I bought my plastic fish tank grass here.





  1. Julie Shannon  January 20, 2013

    Another great way to do this is use the same cups with soil, but spread wheat grass seeds — haven’t done this myself, but hear that it works well, though it takes longer ;^)*

  2. Deb @ PaperTurtle  January 23, 2013

    Such a cute idea! And I love the thought of using ground coffee rather than dirt for the placeholders. 🙂