Paperback Vase

Paperback novels from the 1970's (picked up for $0.25 each at my library) are finally getting another glance after all these years.

You will need 4 books and a square glass vase that matches the dimensions of the paperbacks you are using (I got this vase for about $4.00 at IKEA).

I also used extra wide artists tape – available at craft and art supply stores. I love this tape because it holds tightly and comes off fairly easily.

Attach books to vase with tape.

I had extra books so, I placed them around the finished piece to create more visual interest.

I want centerpieces that strike up conversation. In the case of this arrangement, some of the books are so ridiculous I am betting that the jokes will fly at dinner. I also like the idea of having extra books that can be handled, read out loud and mocked pretty easily.

The covers alone are easy to laugh at.


  1. Adrienne Audrey  June 15, 2011

    This is really cute. This would be fun to do for a theme party.

  2.  June 16, 2011

    This would be great for a book club meeting. Fun, inexpensive, simply charming, just need to ask, how do you come up with all these clever ideas? I see a book in your future…so glad I found you. Thanks for sharing. Peace

  3. Darcie  June 22, 2011

    Totally dig it. I love old paperbacks.