Party Favors For Nature Lovers

Whenever we throw a birthday party for our girls, or even sometimes for our adult friends, we like to give each of the guests one small gift as a party favor instead of a bag of several small items. If you keep the item around $3-4.00 it ends up costing the same amount in some cases. Here are a few gifts we’ve given in the past…

A seed sock is a "bird feeder in a bag" – just unwrap it and hang it outside. Kids will enjoy seeing the beautiful finches they can attract to the yard with this. I picked up mine for under $4.00 in the pet supply aisle of my supermarket.

Fall is the time of year for flowering bulbs. Grab a large bag of bulbs (some have 80 in one bag for about $24.00) at your home improvement store and repackage them in stylish bags and include easy planting instructions. I dressed up a plain paper lunch bag and placed about 6 in each bag. Children love to help garden and will be thrilled to see their bulbs grow and bloom in the spring.

Do you have any fun party favor ideas for children? I’d love to hear about them – feel free to post them on the Family Chic Facebook fan page.


  1. Julie  November 4, 2011

    Brilliant ideas to repackage bulbs!!!

    • camilla  November 4, 2011

      Thanks Julie – we did this for one of my daughter’s b-day parties and she helped me plant the bulbs that Oct. Now, every year when that small patch of daffodils comes up, I remember her 2nd birthday with warm memories. Thanks for commenting. Take care, C

  2. catie  November 6, 2011

    super~sweet ideas… kids are inundated with little plastic trinkets from oriental trading company at parties and school carnivals. how nice to look past the easy & expected junk and find something really worth giving. both of these ideas would be great gifts to give anytime.
    last year for valentines day, my son gave out tiny peat pots {made in france!} with a little package of flower seeds. we did include two heart marshmallows, so still something sweet. the post i did is here:
    you always inspire me : )

    • camilla  November 6, 2011

      Thanks Catie! Yours is an adorable idea!! Kids really love to garden and watch plants grow and my kids love to attract interesting birds to our backyard. These really are gifts that keep on giving 🙂 Thanks as always for your kind comments!
      Have a lovely weekend, C

  3. Emilia  February 9, 2012

    We did a tea party theme for my daughter’s first birthday and repackaged tea and added some sugar cubes we made into the shape of animals using tiny cookie cutters, added some short bread cookies, all delivered in little bags my daughter (and son) decorated using animal stickers and little jewel stickers. Everything needed for a little tea time when they all got home.

    • camilla  February 9, 2012

      Hi Emilia! That sounds perfect – I love it, such a great idea. Thanks for stopping by and sharing, take care, Camilla