Quick Tip: Mixed Stemware For A Large Crowd

If you’re planning on having a big crowd over and you don’t have enough wineglasses for everyone – create a new, fun set of mix-matched glasses from thrift store finds. Stray glasses can always be found at resale shops, and because they are single, they are usually very inexpensively priced (many times, I find them for only pennies a piece). Head out to a few of your favorite spots (WINGS Resale is my go-to place) and grab any glass that catches your eye; as long as it’s unlike the others and you like it – it’s a good pick. The reason I love this idea so much is that it creates a pretty look for the table, it eliminates the need for glass markers, the purchase is making a donation to a good cause and everyone can take their glass home at the end of the evening as a party favor– win, win, win, win!

I pick out glasses in all shapes, sizes and colors — it really looks lovely and people always comment favorably on the idea.

I especially like shorter stemware – they work great for wine, champagne, lemonade or cocktails – very versatile!