Sweater Board Tray

Dress up a cutting board with an old sweater and use it as a tray…

To make this board cover, I washed an old sweater in hot water and threw it in the dryer to felt it. Then I cut out a rectangular piece that was large enough to cover the board, machine-stitched the sides and bottom closed and slipped it over an old cutting board.

For this one, I just made a band to slip over the board. I like to add texture in unexpected places – these board covers create a fun an interesting tray for fall.

To clean these, just wash in cold water and air-dry.

You could use this as a hot pad too.


  1. fee @ chipper nelly  September 19, 2012

    another genius idea (is that all I ever say here??)
    I tried to share on my FB page but I can only ‘like’…
    thanks for sharing
    fee x

  2. catie  September 19, 2012

    the band is my favorite ~ allows the wood shape to breathe.
    i love the unexpected beauty and warmth of this.

  3. Alessandra  September 19, 2012

    Such a clever and cosy idea!!!! Brava Camilla!!!
    xxxx Alessandra