If You Like It Than You Should Have Put An Egg On It

I am a firm believer in the idea that most things taste better with a fried egg on top. If you are looking to fill out leftovers and add protein – put on an egg – no one will mind. This, I learned from my mother.

When I was a child, my mother would slip a fried egg on top of a serving of spaghetti – I loved it. As an adult, I have found that most meals can be improved with this simple addition.

The other night I made orzo with sausage and peppers. When I reheated the leftovers for dinner the next evening – the plates looked a bit thin – so I added a friend egg on top. My kids devoured the meal. Add a serving of italian bread toast and you've made it happen for yourself.

Lately, I’ve been giving Matthew Sweet a “relisten”.


  1. Ken  June 24, 2010

    Hey Camilla,

    Great idea. My mother did the same as yours. I personally add the egg in soups (poach the eggs first).

    I was at a new restaurant lately and was perusing the menu undecided. Then a read about an unusual item I had to order. A hamburger with a fried egg on top . it was the best burger I have ever had.

    Thanks for all your great ideas.

    – Ken

    PS – I love the jargarita idea (and yours taste great too). Now I am making my own Jartini, and Bloody Mary in a jar (can’t think of a cool name for it yet).

    • camilla  June 24, 2010

      Love an egg on a burger – so good! I’m going to steal your jartini idea! Love that! C