Rolling Out The Egg Rolls & Other Sunday Morning Activities

Here’s a another Sunday morning breakfast idea my kids really enjoy and perhaps yours will too…

A soft-boiled egg is dropped into a warm, buttered roll to create an all-in-one breakfast meal that's a favorite around here.

Pick up a bag of small french rolls in the bakery section of your supermarket. Cut off top of roll, remove and discard center with a spoon. Warm rolls in oven – so they are heated, but not crispy, and drop a dab of butter into the cavity. Place a soft-boiled egg into center and season with salt and pepper.

I add flat leaf parsley and a serving of bacon on the side. My kids happen to love soft-boiled eggs. If yours do not, you can spoon scrambled eggs into the center of the rolls instead. Adding shredded cheese doesn't hurt either.

We’re listening to Vampire Weekend this morning. It’s a grey, wet morning, but I am hoping Jane will help me get some plants in the ground.

Yesterday, we picked up a few pots of one of my favorite plants for my garden – gold yarrow. I like the prairie look.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. DawnielleC  December 4, 2010

    I love your site, you have such creative ideas! Yarrow is one of my favorite plants but for many more reasons that the way it looks. It is also great to make a past out of for cuts and scrapes, it will help a skin infection go away and is an anti-inflammatory for these kinds of things. There are countless other medical uses as well but this is my go to use for the plant.