Green Trick

I usually buy my flowers at the supermarket, but every so often I like to step into a floral shop and look around at what is new and different in the world of flowers. Today I fell in love at first sight when I saw this flower – Green Trick. It is a member of the carnation family – which becomes blatantly obvious as soon as you hold one in your hand as the stem is almost identical. The guy who was helping me out mentioned that this flower is about two years old – so forgive me if this is old news for you.

Green Trick.


  1. Heather @ Life Gluten Free  April 4, 2011

    Wow it is really pretty! I haven’t seen any of those. I will keep an eye out. My favorite color is green 🙂

    • camilla  April 5, 2011

      Heather – My favorite color is green too and after a long winter, green is the only thing I want to see right now. Thanks, C

  2. catie  April 4, 2011

    it is SO dr. seuss!

    • camilla  April 5, 2011

      Catie – I couldn’t agree more – I just love it! C

  3. claudine  April 5, 2011

    Cette fleur est pleine de délicatesse, elle est admirable, la nature nous offre de bien belles choses!!!
    Merci pour le partage de vos réalisations, je me suis promenée avec un grand plaisir sur votre blog!
    Amicalement clou

    • camilla  April 5, 2011

      Merci Claudine!

  4. Tiffany Patterson  April 5, 2011

    Love it! ♥ I’ve been obsessed with these flowers since I got me some for my Birthday a couple weeks ago! They were soooo lovely! …I took photos –

    We tried to figure out where to get seeds to grow them, but it seemed they were only available as flowers from florists. I would love to know where if you happen to stumble across some!

  5. camilla  April 5, 2011

    Tiffany, Your flowers look beautiful – how nice! I will be looking for seeds now too – and will let you know if I come up with anything. These would be stunning in the garden. Take Care, Camilla

  6. catie  April 5, 2011

    camilla ~ you won’t believe this, but i received some of these in a bouquet today. you can see them here: {i linked back to this post!} ♥

    • camilla  April 6, 2011

      Catie – That is funny timing! What a coincidence.

      We lost our 19 year old Dachshunds about 2 years ago (they were sisters and passed away only a few months apart from each other). My daughters and I cried our eyes out. It is like losing a family member – I hope you are all doing well. Take Care, Camilla

  7. Peaches  April 8, 2011

    geez you’re good! splendid idea. the can is a particular favorite. I might need to try this with a diet coke can!

    • camilla  April 10, 2011

      I’m really happy with the way the can turned out too. I plan to do about 10 grass filled cans on my table for Easter dinner. LOVE your blog!!!! C