My Favorite Annual

If you’re looking for a cheery annual for your containers that also does well as a cut flower in arrangements, try one of my favorites – Globe Amaranth…

Family Chic

The bright pink flowers of Globe Amaranth make a happy addition to any full sun container garden or garden bed.

Family Chic Gardening

The 1-3 foot tall vertical growth of Globe Amaranth gives nice height to containers. I don't think you'll find these at the big home improvement stores – check your local garden center.

Family Chic Gardening

Cuttings of Globe Amaranth and Golden Curly Marjoram create a small arrangement that brightens up my work space.


  1. Susan  June 10, 2012

    Lovely flowers, but the vessel in the last pic is what really catches my eye. I sense that it’s something you might have transformed with spray paint? Or maybe it’s a thrifting find? Please do tell.

    • camilla  June 10, 2012

      Hi Susan! I was lucky enough to find two of those small metal urns at a thrift shop a few years ago and I don’t think I paid more than $5.00 for the pair. I didn’t paint them – they were black when I purchased them. Not sure what the story is with those as far as their age, but they are pretty. I especially love to use them around Halloween – they look great with bittersweet clippings. Take Care, Camilla