Our Garden Now

I thought I’d share a few shots of my garden with you…

garden 3

The seating area in our backyard. Chairs from Bed Bath & Beyond ($50 each), occasional tables and Buddha head are garage sale and rummage sale finds.

garden 4

Lemon grass plants ($12.99, Home Depot) are dropped into terra cotta pots — an easy way to create a lush backdrop.

garden 1

Love to mix interesting details in with the plants.

garden 2

This set is comfortable, affordable, durable and good looking.

garden 6


  1. Courtney  June 24, 2015

    Hands down on of my favorite places in the world. 🙂 So many good memories made in your charming backyard. Can’t wait to see all of you soon. Xoxo C

    • camilla  June 25, 2015

      Thank you, Courtney! I think about our fun times too! Cannot wait to see you all soon. XOXOXO

  2. Sara  June 30, 2015

    Hi Camilla,

    You have been an inspiration for few years for me. Today especially I was agitated about the result of some projects that depend on other people and the I opened your page and remembered that what matters in life is home and how you find spark in small things. It changed my day and my perspective towards all little small troubles so far away from home. Just wanted to say thank you.


    • camilla  July 3, 2015

      Sara, I am sending you a tremendous hug right now – I needed to hear this right now. XOXO, C

  3. Hummie  July 9, 2015

    Beautiful! I love outdoor spaces in homes for quite time.

  4. Sara  July 9, 2015

    My pleasure,You make my day, I make yours:)