All The News That’s Fit To Primp

I can’t stop working with newspaper and sisal rope these days – here’s another quick wreath idea made from a few pages from The New York Times. The kids can definitely help on this project – it is super easy. I used newspaper, but any kind of paper will work (wrapping paper, construction paper, magazine pages) – so experiment if you like.

Small shredded fans of newspaper are tucked into a grapevine wreath to create a holiday look that really says something.

Cut newspaper into 4-inch strips (lengthwise).

Do a 1-inch roll fold all the way up the page – flattening & creasing paper as you go.

Staple at the bottom and cut off about 1/8 of an inch on either side to start (to take off the folded sides) – then cut into paper lengthwise to create a fringe.

Tuck stapled end underneath vines and spread out fringed paper – pressing down at the center and folding paper to get it to go where you want.

This is the primping part. Newspaper is quite malleable – press it and move it around to get the shape you desire.

Keep going around until the wreath is completely covered.

I hung this one on my powder room door.

A few years ago, I covered my powder room door with pages from old books – if you’re interested in reading more about that project you can find it here.