Bracelet Napkin Rings

This napkin ring project is a great one to do with the kids, it’s really easy and makes a cute gift for teachers and moms…

Grab a bag of inexpensive wire bracelets and your leftover crafting supplies and let the kids whip up some cheery napkin rings.

For this project I used: wire bracelets (Party City, a bag of 18 is about $1.25), tinsel stems (Michaels), jingle bells (Michaels) and some pom pom fringe (craft and fabric stores).

A festive mix of red, green and silver.

For the small wreath, I just wrapped the wire tinsel stems around the bracelets.

For this one, I just hot-glued the pom pom fringe to the bracelet. Wrap it tightly as you go around.

For the jingle bell napkin ring, I cut the bracelet with a wire clipper, looped one end, strung on the bells and closed the other end.

I pushed the ends together and hooked the loops to each other to close the ring.

You can use buttons, beads, yarn, felt – whatever you have in your crafting bin. Have fun with it! XO, Camilla



  1. Laurie  November 20, 2013

    Girl…. I just don’t know what to say. How do you come up with so many great ideas? Have you kidnapped some of Martha’s minions?!?!