Gold Tape Garland

I’m really into gold, but you can use any color for this…

Gold colored Duck Brand Tape and a thin cotton rope combine to make an easy and modern looking garland.

Pick up a roll of gold duck tape (available at craft stores) and a package of cotton laundry line rope (available at The Home Depot). Fold tape over rope and press it onto itself, trim with scissors for an even edge.


  1. Alessandra  December 15, 2012

    xxx Ale

  2. Julie  December 15, 2012

    Call me crazy, but I am having a hard time imagining using this sort of garland! Do you have a photo of it draped somewhere? I would love to see it “in situ”!

  3. Sophie  December 16, 2012

    So simple but so nice !

  4. Susan L  December 18, 2012

    I echo Julia’s comment…pic please?