Herb Candleholders

Here’s a fun candleholder that is easy to make, will look great on any table and with the addition of some fresh herb clippings, can impart a light scent to the air…

Wood blocks are covered in coffee bean bag burlap & given a ring of nails on top that hold a glass votive in place as well as some fresh rosemary.

The heat from the candle warms the fresh-cut rosemary and releases a sent. You can use any herb you like or even a sprig of evergreen or bittersweet for the holidays.

For this project you will need: 3-inch wood squares ( I used a $9.00 untreated fence post from Home Depot that they cut into 3-inch cubes for me at no charge), fabric, glue gun, 2-inch nails, candle votive holders and herb clippings.

Lightly sand cubes to soften rough edges. Trace and cut 6, 3-inch squares from fabric and glue onto each side of cube. Hammer a circle of raised nails into top of cubes – make it large enough to fit your votive candle holder.

Wind herb clipping around ring of nails and drop in votive candleholder.

You could also use these without clippings.






  1. Alessandra  June 11, 2012

    simple and with a great impact!!!
    xxx Alessandra

    • camilla  June 12, 2012

      Thanks Alessandra! We love setting the dinner table with these – they’re great for outdoor use too! Take care, Camilla

  2. Only in Louisiana  June 11, 2012

    Love this idea….I pinned it on my Pinterest! Very different and clever. Glad I found your blog.

    • camilla  June 12, 2012

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Camilla