Mini Cardboard Holiday House

For this project you really need to set up the kids with all of the supplies and then step back. Parental intervention is not needed or welcome.  I cleared the dining room table, put out the glue gun, a cardboard box and leftover craft supplies. We put on Christmas carols and my daughter and her friend worked for 5 hours and created this incredible little holiday house…

From the nimble minds and hands of children – my daughter and her friend made this miniature holiday house out of a cardboard box and leftover odds and ends.

A strand of battery-operated lights from IKEA ($1.99) adds an exciting touch.

Using an awl, the girls poked small holes into the back panel of the box and pushed the small lights through.

Small rectangular pieces of cardboard are attached to the top to create the look of a shingled roof. Wood shims were attached to the exterior sides. Artificial snow is attached with craft glue.

A wreath made from a pipe cleaner and yarn.

Stockings, made from felt, are attached to the interior wall with miniature clothespins.

I had bags of leftover balsa wood (craft stores) that the kids cut and hotglued into furniture. I love the mini canister and candy canes.

The kids hot glued felt squares to wooden cubes to create these miniature gifts.

Every child is different, but in my experience, I think a 3rd grader can handle a glue gun. Just give them a little safety talk first.

For this project you will need a corrugated box (ours was 7-inches), a glue gun and anything else you can find from around the house. A few things we used were: Yarn, felt, fake snow, artificial mini tree, leftover carpet samples, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, wrapping paper, mini clothespins, a cardboard tube from a wrapping paper roll, wood shims, wood cubes & balsa wood.