Paper Bag Wreath (& Chalkboard)

I made this wreath from a paper grocery bag, a piece of cardboard and a few leftover craft supplies…

Here's a unique wreath that can carry a message.

For this project you will need: a paper grocery bag, cardboard, yarn, a glue gun, chalkboard paint and small Christmas baubles (check your ornament collection). Begin by cutting down the side of the bag and cut out the bottom, remove the handles, press flat.

Starting from the bottom of the paper bag, roll it up.

Form rolled paper into a circle and staple to connect the ends.

Tie on a piece of yarn and start wrapping entire wreath form.

Tie end to secure or dab with hot glue.

Using the wreath as your guide, cut out a piece of cardboard to fit. Paint with chalkboard paint. Let dry and hot glue to the back of your yarn-wrapped wreath.

Hot glue cotton batting, small ornaments and trees to the wreath.

Add your design or message with chalk. You can use this to carry different messages – let the kids change it up.