Snowman On A Stick

This may not be the healthiest snack you can offer – but it may be the most fun! Get your kids to help – it is an easy project and they will love it.

Powdered doughnut holes are stacked on a skewer and with a few extra steps, a snowman is born!

Stack three doughnut holes onto a skewer. Using a toothpick, make holes to create a face and buttons. Be sure to make a shallow impression and twist the toothpick while it is inserted to create a clean hole.

I slipped a paper doily onto the end of each skewer to add a wintery detail. I also stood the snowmen into a bowl of uncooked white rice to keep them upright when serving them. The kids can grab their snowman on a stick and dig right in.

To make your details really pop, you can apply chocolate to your snowman's face and body. To do this, just dip a toothpick in chocolate syrup and stick it into the holes – this will leave chocolate in the recesses. To finish, insert toothpicks into either side to give your snowman some arms. My 5-year-old helped me make these and was thrilled to surprise her big sister with this very special after school treat.