Easter Grass – Thinking Outside Of The Basket

Easter grass can work for you in other ways - here are 3 easy ideas for you...

Easter grass comes in great colors and has a light-catching sparkle to it – why not give it a try outside of the Easter basket?

LED tea lights sparkle and add a warm glow to a nest of hot pink grass. I like the Dr. Seussian look to these. I always want to add dramatic lighting to every table – the nice thing about these is they are safe for kids and interesting to look at.

To make these – wrap grass around LED light and secure with a small clear hair elastic (sold by the bag in hair supply sections of most stores), turn light on and rest on table. I formed a ball shape so these don't have a flat surface – they rest on the table as if they are floating.

Use left over grass to line a gift box.

I made a decorative flower for a gift bag – I like the Asian feel to this look.

To make gift bag flower – grab a handful of grass and pull into a thick strand. Fold over and secure with an elastic to form a loop.

Fan the loop out to spread grass into a flower shape.

Cut two leaves out of green tissue paper.

Tuck leaves into elastic.

I hot glued a yellow craft pompom into the center of my flower – but you could use anything – a button, a felt circle – whatever you like.