Wire Candle Cage

These wire candle cages add a creepy feel to basic white candles…

Lengths of black beading wire (available in the jewelry supply aisle in most craft stores) are twisted together to create a cylinder-shaped cage to house a candle.

The nice thing about this project is the look you are going for is messy, not pretty – so you can do whatever you like.

For this project you will need: thin black wire, pliers for clipping the wire and pliers for bending the wire. Cut wire into 10-inch strips and twist them together to create a cage-like cylinder that will fit over your candle.

Simple, but effective.





  1. Steff  September 27, 2012

    I think crunched- up chicken wire would work, too… just saying that because I have about a square mile of that stuff left over from cat- proofing a safety gate 🙂
    Looks great, though, I bet it throws beautiful shadows.