Tie-Dyed Yoga Leggings

I am so excited to be participating in I Love To Create’s “Tie-Dye Your Summer” campaign featuring Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye. Although I am being paid for my work, the ideas and opinions presented here are entirely my own.

My husband and I try to make exercise a family activity. Whether it’s ice skating, going for a long walk or throwing a ball around at the beach — we like to get the entire family up and moving on a regular basis. Funny thing about my girls — they are more enthused about getting involved in these activities if a wardrobe change is involved. My younger daughter especially likes to don anything bright and glittery when it comes to our ice skating jaunts. With these “family workouts” in mind, I thought it would be cool to tie-dye cotton leggings for my girls to wear for yoga. It was super easy to do and the girls were very happy with the results.

Inexpensive leggings are given a shot of color and personality with Tulip One-Step Tie-Dyes. These are great for yoga, ice skating, gymnastics or just for some fun everyday wear.

For this project, I used: Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye. These kits are fantastic! Each bottle contains the correct amount of dye powder, I just had to add warm water and shake to mix it up. The kit also includes rubber gloves, plenty of rubber bands, a plastic drop cloth and complete instructions.

(BEFORE) I picked up a few pairs of cotton leggings for this project ($3.80, Forever 21).

(AFTER) My older daughter really liked the black dye over the heather gray leggings and the circle pattern running down the outer sides of the legs.

My younger daughter flipped over her new fuchsia tie-dyed leggings!

For the gray leggings, I wanted to create a circle pattern down the outside of each leg. To do that, I folded the pants in half lengthwise and gathered the fabric with rubber bands in bunches all the way up the leg.

For the white pair, I wanted a striped pattern – so I bound each leg with rubber bands.

Once I added warm water to the squeeze bottles, I applied Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye to the leggings. I wanted my colors to be quite vivid, so I wrapped the leggings in a plastic bag and let them sit for 8 hours. After that, I rinsed, washed and dried.

If your kids already own white leggings – this would be a great way to refresh them if they've become a bit dingy.

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