Backyard Adventure: Ancient Egypt

The other night, I was reading to my younger daughter from a book about ancient Egypt. She was interested in knowing more about mummies in particular; she had a lot of questions about the process of human preservation and the reasons behind it. I could only answer so many questions, so we made a plan to go to Chicago’s Field Museum the next day to view their ancient Egypt exhibit and see things up close and in person. A lot of questions were answered by watching the museum’s absolutely incredible – Images of the Afterlife . This video installment shows CT scans of mummies that reveal every detail of the preserved bodies underneath and 3D facial images as well.

The Field Museum's Egyptian exhibit has a cool feature that, when you sit in front if it, reflects your image as an ancient Egyptian. This is Grace as a woman from Ancient Egypt.

Jane as an ancient Egyptian woman.

It's always interesting to look into the faces of an ancient culture.

So much to learn.

If your child is into mummies too – here's a fun and easy project for you. Click on the photo to link through to my tutorial to find out to make this guy!