Give Your Hands And Hair A Moisture Boost With Cuticle Oil

Between the cold weather and the more frequent hand washing during cold and flu season, my hands can get really dry. I find that I am constantly applying hand cream, but the effects are short lived. I did come up a with an easy trick though – try making your own super moisturizing hand cream by adding a drop of cuticle oil (check beauty supply stores for larger bottles at a better price) to a pump of your favorite lotion. Place oil and lotion in the palm of your hand and rub together well to mix before applying it thoroughly to both hands. This works like a charm and is long-lasting too. And, because our hair and nails are both made of keratin, I’ve found that cuticle oil works wonders on dry hair too. After drying and styling, place a very tiny drop of cuticle oil (the size of a pinhead) in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and work through hair. I find it is best to start by applying the oil to the ends and then smoothing over hair from the root to the ends to add shine.

Family Chic

Add a drop of cuticle oil to a pump of your favorite lotion to give it extra moisturizing power.


  1. Samantha  February 21, 2013

    Works especially if your deployed, keeping my hands and feet moisturized in this dry weather! Thanks!

    – Samantha

    P.S. Can’t wait to try your projects when I get back home to my little one!