Foolin’ Around On April 1st

I hate, more than anything, being the target of a practical joke – it makes me cranky. However, and I realize this is strange, I love to play jokes on others – especially my kids and my husband. So, April Fool’s Day is one of my favorite days. My single goal on this day is to make my kids laugh pretty hard and usually at my husband’s expense. I’ve put together a few of my kids’ favorites in case you’d like to pull a few tricks on your unsuspecting loved ones this April 1st…

Dude, where’s my car? My girls love this one. The night before, I surreptitiously park my husband’s car a few blocks away. In the morning, my girls and I secretly watch the scene unfold from the living room window.

We’ve secretly replaced this man’s sugar with salt… let’s see if he notices the difference. This one is the easiest – it’s self administered. Swap out the sugar in your sugar bowl for salt and watch your victim walk right into this one.

Tying the end of a coat sleeve shut with a rubber band – another one of my girls’ favorites.

Turn coat sleeve inside out and wrap a rubber band around the cuff, turn right side out and hang it back up on the hook.

Have your kids make a card with an intriguing message on the front – then glue it shut. This one is fun to make and even more fun to give.

A salt shaker that pours pepper is always a hit.

Unscrew the top of the salt shaker and cover with a small sheet of plastic wrap.

Spoon a small amount of pepper onto the plastic wrap.

Screw top back on and trim plastic wrap with scissors or an X-Acto knife. You’ve just created a salt shaker that looks like it contains salt, but shakes out pepper – perfect for a practical joke.


  1. Kat Pasco  March 22, 2010

    Holy MOLY! Stupendous! Might just have to get my lil assistant to pull a couple of these off. Gotta say that the ” Dude, where’s my car?” photo is priceless.

  2. Dana & Clara  March 27, 2010

    lovin’ the play by plays! photos are fantastic. but, a little nervous about visiting your house on the 1st… 🙂

  3. catie  March 23, 2012

    laughing out loud.

  4. Paula  March 17, 2015

    Brilliant! Especially hiding pepper in top of the salt shaker!!