Getting Away w/o Kids

Shaking things up – we took a 4-day trip to LA and left the kids at home with my sis.

Here’s a really rare thing — my husband and I just went to our friends’ wedding in LA and we didn’t take the kids with us. In fact, it was the first time during our 13 years of family life we had ever traveled together, without the girls. I was anxious about it (What if our plane goes down? Should we fly on separate flights? What if the kids get sick? What if, what if…). I had to let go, take a deep breath and just leave. The kids would be in good hands – my sister and brother-in-law were in charge and ready to spoil them with a visit to downtown Chicago to see a play, pizza dinners and a trip to the mall to get new earrings and frozen yogurt. This getaway was a happy, fun thing for us to do. I decided to stop making myself so miserable and just jump in. We chose to fly together; we did organize our will with an attorney before we left (couldn’t leave that open-ended). Everything was covered — the house was in order, the fridge was stocked, the girls’ schedules were written out — the only thing left to do was have fun.

It takes a while to shake that recurring "I think I forgot something" feeling.

And now, here I am. I’m back at home, all went really well. The first day was a little tricky – my younger daughter kept calling me and crying (it was like a strange form of emotional torture), but my sister did a wonderful job of cheering her up and keeping her active. After 4 hours, the phone calls eventually stopped.

When we stepped out of LAX and into the California sun, my husband and I felt ourselves defrost. We were instantly relaxed and excited at the same time. We checked into our hotel and the pre-wedding activities got us rolling right away. We laughed, celebrated, hung out with good friends, stayed up late, enjoyed amazing food and weather — everything was incredibly lovely. We had planned to tack on an extra day to splurge and spent a night at Chateau Marmont. On our last day there, I didn’t want to leave (not kidding at all). Turns out traveling without the kids is not only OK, but now I think it may be a mandatory part of family life. It takes a few hours to adjust to the oddity of it being just the two of you; there is a weird “did I forget something?” sensation that eventually wears off. If I can grab a few trips here and there with just me and my husband – we’ll all be better for it. We returned refreshed, the kids and the dog were happy to see us – it was a real lovefest. I’m thinking of where to go next.

Our stay at Chateau Marmont was absolutely incredible. It was pricey, but worth it and since we never do something like this we decided to go for it. The staff were very kind and accommodating – they took such great care of us.

Love the fact that the room keys are actually keys and not cards. I asked the woman at the front desk if they sold their key fobs – she said they didn't, but she kindly gave me an extra one they had (that is just one example of the incredible customer service we received at Chateau Marmont). Happy to have this sweet memento of our first solo trip.

We stayed in a junior suite – this is our very charming kitchen.

The appliances and furniture are all of the period – so cool.

Feels so wonderful to open this fridge and crack open a tray of ice.

All authentic furnishings – no reproductions.

We ate all of our meals here in the outdoor portion of the restaurant. Love the potted fiddle leaf fig tree in the center and the Moroccan-style lanterns hanging above. We were told to expect to see celebrities during our stay and we did (don't want to name names – the hotel staff is excellent at protecting their guest's privacy and I want to respect that).

Also loved the marble counters and flooring as well as the high-gloss paint (looked like oil-base) on the trim and doors.

Even the smallest areas are dense with lush greenery. It inspired me to plant more in my garden this year – I am really going to pack in the plants now!

The pool area was nice and quiet – hummingbirds were everywhere. It really was a little bit of heaven on Earth. Feeling grateful!





  1. david  February 19, 2014

    Let’s go back next weekend.

  2. Kristen  February 19, 2014

    This truly looks amazing! Good for you two! :). Can I ask where you found your pink top? I looove it!

    • camilla  February 19, 2014

      Hey Kristen! That is a $12 top from a flea market – I think it’s handmade and perhaps from the ’70s. Was very happy to find it! 🙂

      • kristen  February 20, 2014

        ahhhh! lucky girl! 🙂

        • camilla  February 20, 2014

          K – you can search Etsy for “vintage mexican top” or “vintage bohemian tops” and I’m sure you’ll find a deal. XO, C

  3. AJ Tarrant  February 19, 2014

    So glad to hear that you had such a great trip!