My Way Back

I’ve never known how much personal information I should post about myself on here. Family Chic is essentially a craft blog – never really sure where to draw the boundary line when it comes to my private life. Several weeks ago, I shared some news with you about the death of my brother. I thought I could mention it, share my perspective on how to manage after someone you love has been killed, and then move back into presenting my usual crafting ideas. Now, I see that’s not possible. It’s painfully difficult to create happy and fun projects when your heart is fully broken and you’re terrified. It’s stifling to present only half of the story.

These days, my focus for our family is about finding our way back to “normal” after this most unimaginable hell has been dropped into our hands. The essentials are my priority right now; keeping the kids’ lives on track, keeping the home neat, finding healthy ways to cope with my anxiety and sadness and staying connected to my husband. Everything I do stems from a desperate need to heal — to feel something different. My needs have changed, my view of the world has changed, I am forever changed. I’m not sure yet just how this will transform my work on Family Chic. I hope to continue to inspire creative family living — perhaps with a deeper message. To be present, to be grateful, to be accepting of both the good and bad that can come to us all. Something is churning within me — I hope to come out of this with a stronger, more meaningful voice. Hang in there with me!




  1. Susan  February 25, 2015

    Of course we will hang in there with you! We will do more than that: we will beam our love out to you and your family and wish you healing and peace and comfort! And we will delight in what you have to share with us, when you are ready to do so. — xxoo, Susan

    • camilla  February 25, 2015

      Susan, Sending you a huge hug right now! XO, C

  2. Aunt Joan  February 25, 2015

    Right there with you, my sista! Xo

  3. dede  February 25, 2015

    C. You are an inspiration. I have walked your walk, loosing my brother when I was about your age. When something so devastating happens, it takes a year, sometimes 2, before we can create a new rhythm, and new habits and traditions. We need to realign our patterns to get back to being in sync with life. Your blessed children will be a comfort and a way to your future. Concentrating on your family is the right cure for you. When you’re ready, your creativity will bloom again, but take all the time you need. As said, you are an inspiration, and your hurting heart will serve you as a creative well when you’re ready to begin again.
    With love and compassion for you,

    • camilla  February 25, 2015

      Dede, I am sorry for your loss – it is a terrible heartache to suffer the death of a sibling. Thank you for your beautiful and comforting words. With Love and gratitude, Camilla

  4. Celine  February 25, 2015

    Sending you and your family an angel. Take all the time you need to heal. Healing is a process you can not hurry. We will enjoy posts no matter what comes. Hugs C

  5. Sara  February 26, 2015

    Hi Camilla,
    I find that Yoga helps me a lot at times like this. You might have tried that. But do that more often . It soothes your soul and your heart.

  6. Jo  February 26, 2015

    We will be right here waiting when you are ready. In whatever shape of form that will be. Sending you peace and best wishes from the UK

  7. Jamie Goff  February 26, 2015

    Camilla, you are always in my thoughts. I cannot imagine the process of trying to find ‘normal’ after such an awful tragedy and loss. Hang in there, I know you will find new ways to cope and heal at the same time – with inspiration and reminder to the rest of us of just how precious life is. Love you!

  8. Charissa  February 26, 2015

    Hi Camilla – That makes total sense, and it seems like a wise choice to take a breather from blogging and craft making, or at least to approach them differently from the place you find yourself in now. We understand there is a real human being behind your blog! Go at your own pace.

  9. Alexis  March 12, 2015

    I can’t even imagine what you are going through. Take time for yourself and your family, your creativity is inspiring and so is your heart!

  10. kristen  March 12, 2015

    You’ve been on my mind so much. You’ve experienced something that is nothing short of a nightmare. Take care of YOU and your sweet family. We’ll be here when your amazing craft ideas strike again.

    Love, Kristen