Rooms Of Wonder – A New Discovery For Me

Milwaukee Art Museum

My husband and I recently took our girls to Milwaukee for a 3 day weekend and had the most incredible time. I highly recommend the Milwaukee Art Museum – we spent almost an entire day there and the kids loved it as much as we did. The architecture is incredible – we spent the first 30 minutes taking in the expansive, light-filled lobby. Gleaming marble floors, white walls that reach to the sky and hold countless windows that bathe the space in a dreamlike light make you wonder how it is ever possible that such a structure can exist.

The installations are well designed and flow together seamlessly as you walk through the different genres. There are too many outstanding works to mention here – but I will recommend the Infinity Chamber – the installation of an approximately 10 square foot cube that through the use of highly reflective surfaces and clever lighting – makes you feel as though the room goes on forever. My kids adored it. Also – I found the installation – Rooms Of Wonder- by Martha Glowacki and the Chipstone Foundation to be outstanding. This is made up of early American and English ceramics housed in clever cabinets that are meant to be opened and explored -a real break from the usual stodgy presentations at most museums. Plus the most surreal arrangements of plant, animal and mineral objects displayed artistically in 18th century cabinets – true works of art. If you can make it there – I strongly urge you to do so – I found it to be inspirational beyond belief and entirely kid friendly.

Here’s a synopsis of the Rooms Of Wonder exhibit – however – it is far more impressive in person…