Stray Love

Our daughters have been begging us to get a dog for the last 4 years. My husband and I were reluctant to commit — despite their promises, we knew the girls would eventually lose their initial passion and the daily care would fall on us. That was all we could see; only the work and none of the return. However, they did wear us down and we ended up going to PAWS Chicago – a no kill humane organization that saves homeless pets and places them in good homes.

After passing through the halls and checking out all of the available dogs, one little pup really caught my eye. She was a small terrier mix that was very alert and seriously cute. I imagined that she was the type of dog that could be in films or commercials; easy to train and charming. We made eye contact, we connected, we met, we fell in love — and after a very thorough adoption process — we took her home.

We’ve been her family for about 4 months now and we’re all getting along quite well. In fact, she’s changed us for the better. She makes us laugh, she has us walking and getting outside more, she’s my little buddy who keeps me company while I work from home. I’ve melted a bit and my heart opened up and made room for one more in our family. I found that I did have even more love and care to give and it feels incredible. Her name is Luciana, but the girls call her “Lu” for short and I’ve nicknamed her “Little Sweetie”, which makes me laugh and think of this. Our newfound love for this little terrier mix also inspires my husband and I to jokingly break out this song at random moments.  She’s a little one, but she’s made a big impact on our lives. Feeling very grateful that our paths have crossed.

Her name is Luciana – my "Terrier Italiana".

She was living on the streets of Chicago, we feel so fortunate to have her in our lives now.

She loves to throw tennis balls around – I'm impressed.

She moves through the air like a bullet.

Her eyes really lock on you – I think there may be a tiny person in there.



  1. David  February 20, 2014

    That little dog is amazing.

  2. Molly  February 20, 2014

    Love this post, C. As I sit here, curled up with my own “third child”, my “fur baby”, I feel exactly the same. I especially understand how she’s touched your family. We feel closer somehow since Porcia joined our family. Amazing love.

  3. colleen  February 21, 2014

    I am so glad you saved her and gave her a second chance.

  4. kristen  February 21, 2014

    Awww…she’s seriously cute. What a keeper. Thanks for sharing about her!

  5. Heather C  February 21, 2014

    How sweet!

  6. Daniele  February 22, 2014

    The cuteness! Congratulations!

  7. Teena  February 23, 2014

    Awww! Im glad you guys took the plunge and adopted her. We found our down the street and knocked on most homes we knew had pets and no one said it was their. We even posted FOUND. We were secretly hoping hed not be claimed. He was ours right from the start. Pepper is what he is colored, gray, black and a bit of white. We love him!

  8. AJ Tarrant  February 23, 2014

    I love that little Lu, too! She is like a human in a dog!
    Love to all,