Zen Painting

It’s TV Tune-Out week at my daughter’s school, which means no screens of any kind (no TV, no computers, no texting). I’m all for taking the break, but it does increase the level of irritability in our home when I have to steer the kids away from their beloved electronics. However, I’ve noticed that I can turn their moods around pretty quickly by creating a relaxing Zen-like ambiance for creating…

Calm the screen withdrawal crankiness by creating a peaceful environment. I lit some candles, brewed a pot of herbal tea, put on some soft classical music and set out painting supplies; my daughter's mood was instantly changed for the better.

My daughter was able to relax and just paint; she felt quite good about herself and her work.


Create a temporary display of the kids' artwork with some twine and clothespins.


  1. colleen  May 5, 2014

    I absolutely love this idea.

  2. Tamar  May 5, 2014

    What paper are your children using? It looks like a great texture!

    • camilla  May 6, 2014

      We use water color paper from Blick 🙂