Echo Drawings

My 8-year-old daughter and I have come up with a fun drawing game that we’ve named, Echo Drawings. It works like this — I draw something on a piece of paper, then hand it to her and she draws the same image right beneath mine. We’re mostly drawing faces because we like to work at expressing emotion and personality traits through our images. We can do this for quite a long time; we laugh and goof around – experiment with our drawing styles. I have found this exercise to be helpful for both of us – we have stretched our drawing skills and created a very special bonding time. I am learning so much from her – she brings a fresh, free feeling to my work.

Family Chic Echo Drawings

This is my drawing of a young woman with wavy hair…

Family Chic Echo Drawings

…this is Jane's version of the same drawing (far better than mine).

Family Chic Echo Drawing

Here's my "Hipster in a Slouch Cap"…

Family Chic

… Jane's amazing interpretation.

Family Chic Echo Drawings

My "Young Musician"…

Family Chic

… Jane's version – I love the eyes.




  1. AJ Tarrant  January 8, 2013

    I am impressed with the talent of an 8 year-old!
    Love it! Camilla, you are not too bad either!