A Different Focal Point For Family Photos

During our recent visit to San Francisco – my daughter Grace was wearing a vibrant pair of red skinny cords one day. They looked so good on her long legs in the bright California sun; my eyes were drawn to them over and over again.

Since the girls were thoroughly annoyed with my frequent requests for photo poses – I decided to try something different. Grace’s red pants and her movements around town that day became the subject matter for a series of vacation photos that I call “Grace’s Red Pants in San Fran”. I am planning on printing and framing these shots for her room — she’s quite happy with them…

Family Chic

No posing necessary – just grab shots when you see something good. TIP: you'll need your camera turned on and around your neck at all times – when the right moment comes along, you need to be able to grab it in an instant.

family chic

Half the time, Grace didn't even know I was shooting her.

Family Chic

I love the movement and shadows in this one.

Family Chic

Grace, eating a food truck samosa, on the steps near the de Young Fine Arts Museum Of San Francisco.

Family Chic

I love the way these photos capture her activities from the day.

Can you spot the red pants in this one?



  1. AlegriaDeLaHuerta  April 6, 2013

    I want to see the result of the printing and framing 😉
    Great shots!!

  2. Jo  April 7, 2013

    That s a really good idea for a series of photos. They stand put so well.

  3. Susan L  April 16, 2013

    You have such a great eye!