A Better Sweater

The cuff of an old sweater is cut and sewn to fit a glass candle holder – an oak leaf adds a natural element. To make this, I cut off the cuff of an old sweater, made a vertical cut to open it up and wrapped it around to fit the circumference of a glass candle jar…

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Decorating For Fall With Old Clothes and A Coffee Bag

My husband was clearing out some of his old clothes to donate to charity and a few things caught my eye. Now those things are hanging in our dining room …

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Poison Gift Bag

To wrap a few treats for Halloween – try making this simple canvas gift bag. I cut two rectangular pieces of canvas – roughly 8″ x 10″ in size and sewed the three sides together using the serge setting on my sewing machine…

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Junk Drawer Pumpkins

This project is great for little ones – there’s no carving involved. A small pumpkin is given a face with the addition of a few screws, a button, slices of cork, rubber bands and plastic bread bag clips…

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Spider’s Nest Pumpkin

A white pumpkin is cross-sectioned to reveal a creepy spider’s nest. To make this pumpkin, I sliced off approximately 1-inch from two opposite sides, cored the center, screwed black drywall screws around the edge of the openings, placed a plastic black spider inside and stretched fake spider webbing over the screw heads…

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