Kitchen Window Herb Garden

My kids love it when I plant herbs in the garden – the idea of eating the leaves of a plant is exciting for them. I placed a small box outside the window of our kitchen that only contains herbs – when we need seasoning for our meals the girls can open the window and clip fresh herbs for us…

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Peanut Butter Apples

The great thing about these is if you make them ahead and put them in the refrigerator, you can hand these out with a napkin and it’s a healthy, all-in-one snack…

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Opening A New Door

We just had the exterior of our home repainted and we decided to go with a bright chartreuse color (Benjamin Moore’s Chamomile) for the front door. I like to make a splash – but a small one – so this fits the bill…

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Kids’ Sticker Art – Set Them Up & Let Them Go

Next time you’re at the office supply store, pick up a package of index cards, coding stickers and thin markers. Your kids will love to make these simple & fun cards…

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Grass Table

Why create a small lawn on top of a garden table? Just because. The idea popped into my head, so I had to make it happen. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’m into it for now…

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