Morning View

I love the view from my kitchen window. First thing in the morning, I see a wall of green.

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Paintbrush Vase

Here’s a quick trick for making a one of a kind vase using rubber bands and some paintbrushes. You’ll need a lot of paintbrushes, a jar and some rubber bands…

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Ostrich In A Bag

A simple paper bag wrap covers the pot of an ostrich fern. I love the texture of the paper and the dramatic look of the leaves…

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Boring Vases Get “Hosed”

Flower arrangements are usually delivered in basic glass vases. I think we all have that moment when the flowers pass and we wonder if we should chuck or donate the left over vase to a thrift store. Recently, I came up with a simple way to transform these generic vessels into something you might actually want to display…

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A Shot In The Dark – Planting In Shady Spots

I always have a plant-filled pot outside of my garden gate – but this year I wanted something that really popped – as it’s on the shady, north side of our home. A vibrant flowering annual won’t thrive in this spot – so I chose to get my color fix by planting in a brightly colored vessel and pairing it with a deep hued foliage instead…

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