Having A Party? Bring Out The Laundry Basket

A vintage laundry basket is transformed into a wine cooler with the addition of a plastic liner. You’ll need a laundry basket, plastic drop cloth, jute, a large sewing needle and scissors…

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Grapefruit Planter

My daughters love grapefruit – it’s their favorite breakfast. As I was cleaning the morning dishes – I couldn’t toss this leftover skin – the cheerful yellow color and the perfect shape reminded me of brightly colored pottery – which got me thinking…

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Make Your Own Bottled Water

Instead of placing a pitcher of water or a bottle of San Pellegrino on the table – try reusing a great looking wine bottle to hold your water. Every so often, I find old wine bottles at resale shops and I can’t resist buying them. The older, Italian wine bottles have a lovely shape. I clean them thoroughly with a bottle brush and fill them with chilled tap water…

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More Candlestick Tricks

I love to have something interesting on the table when I entertain. I filled a crystal decanter with water, placed a clipping from our pear tree inside and stuck a candle into the opening to create this look…

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Toast Spoons On A Sunday Morning

Toast spoons – not the everyday breakfast, but certainly fun for a Sunday morning treat for the kids…

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