Polka Dot Soup & Holy Cheese Toast!

Sometimes just a few extra touches can make a meal more appealing to a child – creating a visually intriguing plate can make a child think twice about walking away. I like to brand my creations by giving them silly names – my kids enjoy it and I get some fun out coming up with names for my crazy concoctions…

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Book Buffet

For the bookworm – this idea is great for any occasion when you find yourself in need of some height on your buffet table…

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Roll Out The Fun With These Eco-Friendly Party Favors

A cardboard toilet paper roll is filled with treats and wrapped with a magazine page to create an eco-friendly party favor.

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Snowman On A Stick

This may not be the healthiest snack you can offer – but it may be the most fun! Get your kids to help – it is an easy project and they will love it…

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Funny & Fake Braid Hat

Yarn braids are stitched into the inside of a plain hat to give it a fun and funky twist…

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