Valentine’s Day Party Favor Cup

If you have a child with a birthday in February – or if you’re planning on having a Valentine’s Day party- this is perfect for holding party favors.

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Wrapping Valentine’s Day Gifts

For Valentine’s Day gifts – wrap up your sweets in these easy to make packages.

For Valentine's Day - wrap your sweets in style!
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Forcing Spring In To Drive Winter Out

I have a habit of ignoring January. I force my way through it – turning a blind eye to the cold reality outside and creating my own little haven of greenery indoors. It is my winter survival reflex and I believe it works. Surrounding myself with flowering bulbs and fresh green foliage lifts my mood an helps me to keep my eye on the prize – spring!…

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Apple Branch Centerpiece

Small lady apples (available in some supermarkets – I purchased mine at Jewel) are hot glued to a branch to create an interesting horizontal centerpiece for the table.

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Cupid’s Cup

This Valentine’s Day – shoot cupid’s arrow through a plastic cup and watch the reaction you’ll get from your kids. This is guaranteed to get big laughs!…

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