Set The Table and The Mood With Small Surprises

Take a good look around your house and find second uses for ordinary things – your table will have more character and you won’t spend a penny…

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Everyday Beauty – Simple Items Can Be Stunning

My collection of corks are housed in an apothecary jar so that all of their interesting details can be seen clearly.

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Using Afghans & Blankets To Recover Seat Cushions

I chose a brightly covered afghan to cover the seat of this chair. The drab green paint against the vibrant colors of the afghan create a nice contrast.

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Inspiration From Nature

Autumn is the perfect time of year to go on long walks – natural beauty is everywhere. Bring a basket and let your kids fill it with acorns, leaves, twigs – whatever they find appealing. It is a simple way to enjoy time with your child and share a love of nature…

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Take A Stand When It Comes To Pumpkins

I find heirloom pumpkins to be so striking, they deserve their own display stand. Here I have used some silver plated casserole stands to show off my favorite variety – the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin…

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