Decorating For Halloween With A Soup Sock

Other than my friend, Ken – who is a gourmet soup chef, not many of us even know what a soup sock is. A soup sock is a loosely woven cotton bag that is used to hold poultry and beef parts when boiling for soup stock. A package of 3 costs less than $4.00 and can be found in the soup section of your supermarket. This provided me with an ideal web-like cover for my glass globes. Simply open the soup sock and slip it around your glass vessel and cut to size. Make sure the soup sock doesn’t hang over the top of the flame…

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Halloween Around The House

The top of our china closet – decorated with pumpkins, gourds, branches, newspaper garland and silver.

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Blackened Silver…

Inspired by Dutch still life paintings, I created my own tableaux with a monochromatic palette perfect for Halloween…

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Ghoulish Drinks For Little Ones

Blue Gatorade in stylish goblets that are sugared with green cake crystals are a huge hit with kids.

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Using Newspaper As A Filler In Floral Arrangements

Contrasts interest me – I enjoy the surprise of unlikely duos. I used newspaper and wrapped it around the stems of these Gerbera daisies and also tucked it in between the stems.

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