Yarn Hearts

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Clothespin Heart Wreath

This is a wonderful project for children – it is super easy. You can pick up bags of clothespins at your local home improvement store, dollar store or supermarket…

A Valentine's Day wreath that takes minutes to make will is a great activity to do with the kids.
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Crushed Can Planter

I was in the mood for something different and fun for my dining room table and this was perfect. For this project, I just hammered in the can, gave it a few coats of paint and filled with soil and Daffodil bulbs…

I smashed up some cans, gave them a few coats of paint and dropped some daffodils inside.
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Painterly Planter

To make this planter I painted a soup can and an old paint brush with a quick coat of white latex paint. Once it was dry, I hot glued the brush to the side of the can…

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Creating With Clementine Crates

At this time of year, we go through a lot of clementines in our home – leaving us with a ton of left over crates. Here are a few projects you can try if you are finding yourself torn, like I am, between tossing these charming little crates and saving them…

I painted the outer sides of this crate with chalkboard paint to make a caddy you can write on.
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